Leadership Team

Board of Directors

The Board comprises six Non-Executive Independent Directors, four Non-Executive Directors and four Executive Directors. They are considered to be appropriately skilled with regard to their responsibilities and Comair's activities.

The Board Members are involved in all material business decisions, enabling Directors to contribute to the strategic and general guidance of management and the business.

Our Board Members as of?21 January 2020

Mr.?Lindsay Ralphs Chairman
Ms.?Wrenelle D. Stander? ? Group CEO
Mr.?Glenn W. Orsmond CEO Airline Division
Mr.?Kim Gorringe Company Secretary
Mrs.?Kirsten E. King Director Finance
Capt.?Martin N. Louw Director Operations
Capt.?Colin Jordaan Director +
Ms.?Mpumi Madisa, Director *
Mr.?Naran Maharajh Director +
Ms.? Farzanah Mall Director +
Ms.?Carolina S. Martinoli Director +
Mr.?Tebogo Mekgoe Director +
Ms.?Njabulo B. Sithole Director +

+ Non-Executive Independent Director
* Non-Executive Director

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